Roller Shutter Door Products

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors are generally used in industrial applications where higher insulation properties are required. They are easy to operate, durable, attractive and highly secure.

Sectional Overhead Doors Details

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Track Types are dependant on headroom, and each is designed to maximise the free space and leave the door opening completely free:

  • Vertical lift: The door panels rise directly vertically, so full headroom required.
  • Standard lift: The door turns through the bend directly above the clear height.
  • Low head room: As with a standard lift but with the springs installed just above the door to maximise head room.
  • High lift: The door rises vertically first above the clear height before the upper panel turns through the bend.

Insulation Values: Some companies may state values as low as 0.4 or 0.5W(m²)K. This would be the transfer value across the panel and is irrelevant in determining the correct ‘U’ value for the entire door. We use 40mm or 42mm thick PUR/PIR foam filled panels that, when fitted by our own engineers, should achieve a ‘U’ value of 1.1 W(m²)K for the whole door as in BS/EN12428-2000. Panel material is CFC-free.

Sizes: The maximum door size is up to 42m².

Operation: Manual operation is by means of a continuous galvanised haul chain, through double reduction gearing or by means of push-up & pull-down. All manually operated doors are fitted with a recessed lifting handle, an internal shoot bolt lock and a padlockable chain keep. Electrical operation is by means of high quality three phase motor and gearbox, incorporating digital limits. All control panels are low voltage and have open, close and emergency stop buttons as standard along with self diagnostics and service reminder.

Safety Devices: All doors are fitted with spring and cable brake safety devices as standard to prevent the uncontrolled dropping of the door.

Automation: There area range of automatic activations. These will require the addition of safety beams and a safety bottom bar.

Assembly: Vertical and horizontal tracks, hinges, brackets, side capping and hardware are galvanised, with the assembled door running on adjustable galvanised roller carriers bolted to each individual panel. The door is perfectly balanced by means of polyester powder coated helical springs at high level, mounted on galvanised steel plates and quality bearings to give smooth and quiet operation. Rubber seals are fitted to the top and both sides of the door with a triple blade seal to the bottom for good protection against weather.

Optional Extras: Pedestrian pass door with low threshold designed to minimise the risk of tripping and vision panels [600mm wide x 290mm high] with the number dependant upon panel width.

Colour Range: There are ten standard colours for the exterior panels or any other colour as an optional extra. The external panels are coloured white.

Warranty: We warranty all parts free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of twelve months from the commissioning date. The warranty also covers call out charges and fitting charges for replacement parts supplied under the warranty. The warranty does not cover repairs due to accidental damage or misuse, fair wear and tear or any loss of use