Industrial Air Curtains

Improving Comfort and Saving Energy

Air Curtain Benefits

  • Save energy: heat energy is not lost to the atmosphere
  • Reduce heating costs: heating energy is more effectively used
  • Improve comfort: personnel / clientele enjoy warmer conditions
  • Increase safety: unobstructed doorways and openings
  • Reduce maintenance costs: doors and barrier operation reduced
  • Improve production: reduced cross-contamination.

Air Curtain Operation

The air curtain draws in ambient air and channels it, unheated, to produce an accurate vertical laminar airflow. The air barrier effectively seals the doorway to through air movement and forms a kinetic energy shield. As cold outside air travels towards the doorway, it meets the energy shield and is swept downwards and out. Similarly, as warm internal air meets the energy shield it is swept downward and in.

At all times the only obstruction to movement through the doorway is a stream of air. As a result, loading trucks and personnel can move safely with unrestricted visibility. In addition to energy saving, the design of the system provides very effective “atmospheric separation” and can be used where adjacent areas need protection against the transfer of dust, insects, odours and other contaminants while giving vehicles and pedestrians unrestricted movement.