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We manufacture, install and maintain all variants of roller shutter and industrial doors. We design and manufacture our roller shutters to the highest national and international standards.

Our story began from a 400sq ft assembly operation and we are now one of the UK’s top suppliers of high speed doors and roller shutters with our exports and installations spread across the globe.

We oversee the manufacture of a vast range of roller shutters, pedestrian doors and high speed doors from a 20,000 sq ft factory in Birmingham, UK. All of our roller shutter doors are guaranteed. We manufacture and test our roller shutters and industrial doors under a strict in-house quality programme. Our research and development programme ensures we maintain our pre-eminent position at the front of industrial and roller shutter door design.

Our customers include a number of FTSE 100 companies, Government Departments and the Armed Services both in the UK and Europe, as well as the Greater Middle East and Latin America.


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Roller Shutter Doors from MDS Industries