Roller Shutter Door Products

High Speed Insulated Doors

The MDS Industries High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter Door operates at opening speeds of 800mm/s to 1,000mm/s.

Little or no time is spent waiting for the door to open, and it closes automatically at a preset interval once the opening is cleared.

Our High Speed Insulated Doors have an overall insulation value of 4.8W/m²K. This means that it is ideal for areas with high traffic flow where energy saving is paramount. Unlike a conventional high speed door it also offers a high degree of physical security to a perimeter opening.

The stylish looking door incorporates 110mm deep ribbed face panels that are available in a range of standard BS and RAL colours. These panels can be supplemented with glazed vision panels as an optional extra.

High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter Specification

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Dimensions: Available up to 8m wide & 8m high. It has a compact design that is the answer to the problem of limited space . It can be installed with the minimum of disruption and site preparation.

Maintenance: A highly durable door, the high speed insulated roller shutter requires very little maintenance and generally only requires an annual inspection to fully satisfy statutory requirements. Servicing agreements and extended warranties are available as an optional extra.

Standards: The door meets or exceeds the requirements of BS EN 12604:2000 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Mechanical aspects – Requirements; BS EN 12453:2001 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Safety in use of power operated doors – Requirements and BS EN12978:2003 Industrial, commercial and garage doors – Safety devices for power operated doors and gates – Requirements and test methods, and is CE marked when fully installed.

Shutter Panels: These are constructed of a polyurethane core, covered with a triple layered skin that consists of a galvanized layer, a sheet steel layer, another galvanized layer and finally the surface layer. This makes the panels especially resistant to damage.

Opening Activation: To activate door opening the following methods can be used individually or in parallel: induction floor loops; photoelectric cells; radar; handheld or vehicle mounted transmitters; push button (single, double or mushroom); pull cord. Where pedestrian access is permitted or unavoidable please consult us for advice on stand-off sensing devices or alternative methods of protection.

Drive Unit: The single phase inverter drive with brake provides a reliable standard operation with 800mm/s opening (variable up to 2.5m/s) and 0.5m/s closing speed. The time delay before closing can be varied to suit your requirements. A hollow shaft greased for life is coupled directly to the motor. Power is 0.37 to 0.55kW, 230v [inverter drive] and a 400v three phase with IP55 protection is an additional option. The brake engages in case of power failure.

Multi Safety Devices: Jamb-mounted dual safety electrosensitive photocells constantly monitor to insure safe operation. This prevents the curtain closing if a person has entered the opening. Should the beam be broken during the closing cycle the curtain will be fully raised. A safety bottom bar is also fitted. This will immediately return the door to the fully open position if it meets any obstruction.

Warranty: We warranty all parts free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of twelve months from the commissioning date. The warranty also covers call out charges and fitting charges for replacement parts supplied under the warranty. The warranty does not cover repairs due to accidental damage or misuse, fair wear and tear or any loss of use while replacement parts are being supplied or fitted.