Roller Shutter Door Products

Commercial Roller Shutters

The MDS Industries Commercial Roller Shutter door is designed for retail shop fronts and applications where there are a moderate amount of open/close cycles and is manufactured fully in compliance with BS/EN 13241.

MDS Industries Commercial Roller Shutters are ideal for retail shops, garages and gates.

Commercial Roller Shutter Details

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Dimensions: Opening height is up to 5,000mm; opening width up to 8,000mm and the shutter weight is approximately 35kg/m².

Curtain: The curtain material is generally constructed from individual interlocking pre-galvanized steel lath (generally 75mm concave) incorporating either a plastic endlock or a zinc alloy die cast endlock riveted in position. Wind anchor locks may be fitted on larger shutters. The lath can be 18, 20 or 22 swg or any other gauge if requested. The curtain can be supplied with solid, perforated, punched “brick bond” lath or insulated aluminum lath. A tube & link or “portcullis” curtain is also available. These are regularly used to shut off server sections in bars so that bottles are visible whilst at the same time denying customers unauthorised access.

Bottom Rail: The base of the curtain is fitted with a steel angle reinforcing rail size forming an inverted ‘T’.

Operation: The shutter is powered by a 240v single phase tube motor and adjustable limit switches are incorporated to stop the roller shutter at each end of its travel.

Activation is with low voltage rocker switch; key switch control or optional remote control. A group control unit for up to six shutters simultaneously is an optional extra. In case of a power outage a manual hand-crank can be used or an optional battery backup allows you to rest assured that the shutter will still work. A sleep mode on the unit extends the battery life from hours to days.

Plasticol Finishes: As an optional extra shutter curtains can be provided in the HP200 standard range of plasticol colours, plasticol finishes being to the external face of the shutter only. Standard colours include White, Black, Van Dyke Brown, Merlin Grey, Goose Wing Grey, Mushroom and Red.

Powder Coated Finishes: As an optional extra powder coated finishes can be provided to the shutter in standard RAL or BS standard colours as well as nonstandard colours if samples are provided for us to analyse.

Security: Ground locks with interlock and bullet locks with safety cutout device can be fitted as an optional extra.

Safety Systems: Safety brakes are fitted as standard in accordance with BS/EN 13241-1:2003. A safety bottom edge and safety photo beam cells can be fitted as optional extras.

Roller Assembly: Constructed from mild steel tube of sufficient gauge to prevent deflection, mounted on bright steel shafts running in ball races.

Endplates: The roller assembly is supported by mild steel endplates with mounting angles for fixing to the support structure.

Roller Enclosure (Hood): Formed from galvanized pressed sheet metal to enclose the rear of the shutter barrel and curtain assembly. Available as an op-tional extra.

Side guides: Constructed as 90mm x 34mm or 120mm x 34mm extruded aluminium guide with integral box section for strength.

Warranty: We warranty all parts free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of twelve months from the commissioning date. The warranty also covers call out charges and fitting charges for replacement parts supplied under the warranty. The warranty does not cover repairs due to accidental damage or misuse, fair wear and tear or any loss of use while replacement parts are being supplied or fitted. Made in the UK.