Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Our range of insulated roller shutter doors are manufactured in strict compliance to industry regulations. Offering an energy efficient performance combined with a visually pleasing design.

Our insulated shutters combine functionality with affordability and can help reduce costs of heating whilst providing a high security solution to your business.

Our Insulated Roller Shutter Door has been designed to offer five main objectives:

  • Excellent Insulation Value of 0.69 W/M.sq.k
  • Acoustic Insulation value of 18 D.B
  • High Security Twin/Wall
  • High Durability with low maintenance
  • Aesthetic Appearance with 100mm deep ribbed face panels


All door systems are installed by our fully trained fitters who are assessed and meet all the requirements of L.P.C.B ISO 9001:2008 and current health and safety requirements. All tools and equipment used are inspected monthly and meet all electrical and mechanical requirements. Random site inspections are carried out to ensure a high standard of workmanship is maintained.

All site inspections are documented and audited to ensure no irregular trends are apparent. Upon completion our clients are requested to inspect the installation to ensure all site work is carried out to their satisfaction.